a few things about me

Well, hello. Welcome to my first post as an official blogger.  For now, I’m going to remain anonymous.  But I suppose you need to know a few things about me to spend your time here and not watching funny or die.   So – in my first post on princesses, passports and punditry, here is my Top Ten:

  1. I’m a mom of two wonderful little girls.  They would like to believe they are Disney princesses.  Probably best to not tell them otherwise.  I’ll call them A. (4 yrs) and C. (1.5 yrs)
  2. I’m the wife to a smart, and definitely more positive better-half, J. He works two jobs – one out-of-state.  Which makes me a full-time mom.  One and a half times over.
  3. J. and I have lived in three different countries, and five different houses in the last seven years thanks to the US Government. We are finally settled outside of Washington, DC.
  4. Speaking of, I have a passion for travel.  Period. I’ve seen every continent multiple times (with the exception of Antarctica) – including the USSR (yes, pre-Russia).  If you are looking for tricks for traveling with kids, I’ve got ’em.
  5. J. and I watch Morning Joe on MSNBC.  But I’m independent and J. is conservative.  He likes to think of himself as a fiscal conservative; socially more liberal.  But don’t believe him.
  6. My folks are Reaganites and I grew up outside of DC.  I turned out to be a wee bit more liberal than they probably would have liked.  It’s probably because I went to one of those liberal bastions of progressive thought for my graduate degree and was exposed to all those crazy thinkers.
  7. I’m a believer in healthy living. I’ve suffered from health issues in my life and eating well, exercise and staying positive has helped me through a lot of them.
  8. We’ve got a mini-golden doodle we love.  Sadly, I’m allergic to him. It’s very very sad for both of us.
  9. I don’t read horoscopes. I was born on the cusp of two zodiac signs, and I think that’s massively unfair, so I think it’s all a bunch of hooey.
  10. However, I have the awsomest birthday ever – 4/20.  Beat that.

Welcome to Princesses, Passports and Punditry (PPP for short).  I hope you stay.

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